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Photo Gallery

I regularly take my own photos for stories and I have photos available for publication on topics I have covered. My photos have been appeared in The Washington Post, StreetWise, Clamor Magazine and other publications. Highlights of the photo gallery include celebration on the anniversary of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s return to power; monuments to the slain women of Ciudad Juarez, the vitality of various ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago and murals and public art around the world. Please contact me for details or for a wider selection of photos on any given topic. All photos that appear on the site are my work, please contact me with any questions.

Latin America

Daily life, scenes of economic devastation, sustainable community and spirited resistance in Ecuador, Honduras, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico and more. View photos...


Faces and scenes from the famous “city of neighborhoods,” including the Pilsen barrio, Puerto Rican pride in Humboldt Park, the quickly vanishing high-rise public housing projects and the vast South Side. View photos...

Other Photos

Murals and public art from around the world, coal mining and power plants, scenes of urban vitality and urban decay, local and international protests and more. View photos...

Honduras 2006

In Honduras, one of the poorest, most corrupt and most overlooked countries in Latin America, the daily struggle for land and survival goes on. View photos.

Upper Peninsula Mining

Michigan's Upper Peninsula was founded on mining, with immigrants from Poland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and other countries flocking here to forge a new life in iron and copper mines in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But now a resurgence in mining, particularly sufide mining which can release sulfuric acid into the environment, threatens to contaminate the forests, streams and even majestic Lake Superior itself.  View photos.

Immigrant Gardeners

Refugees and immigrants from around the world reconnect with their horticultural memories through a program run by the Heartland Alliance and University of Illinois. View Photos.

Somali Ilays

Driven from their home by civil war, Somalis in the Twin Cities keep their culture alive through song and dance. View photos.

Alaska: Changing Climate, Changing Times

With sea ice melting away and political battles raging over Alaska's natural resources, this rugged and largely roadless state struggles to define or redefine its identity...View photos.

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